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3 Tips-Fulltime RV Travel on a Budget

A lot of these full-time RV travelers make it look so easy and it seems as if they're always having the coolest experiences... constantly traveling to cool places and having an amazing time with no worries but I noticed what separates them from everyone else, it's that they're very good at finding different ways to save money.

Knowing where, when, and how to save money will benefit you so much in this lifestyle, keeping more money in your pocket for the amazing experiences this lifestyle provides.

​​Tip #1 Boondockers Welcome is an online platform that allows you to find hosts in your area who will provide free RV camping on their property. The best part about it? It’s affordable and practical, just the way we like our travel! Here's a few ways that we have saved money.

Tip #2 TSD Logistics is a fuel-savings club that’s great for RVers. We have saved SO much money using their discounted fuel savings card! To get your account, go to the link in and fill out the fuel program application. Don't forget to mention that Nate Axness referred you & we'll get a $25 fuel credit.

Tip #3 Workamping is a great way to explore areas & save money! Workampers are adventurous individuals, couples, and families who have built a wonderful lifestyle by combining part-time or full-time work with RV camping. You can check out Workamping’s website (link in bio) where they post job offerings and connect RVers to a nomadic workforce!

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