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Trekking Our Way to Freedom

Image by Rene Bieder

We are the Axness family..

Nate and Christian, the husband-and-wife team behind Project Trek, are full-time traveling vegans who love to hike and backpack with their two kids, Ella and Andersen. 


After suffering from the financial collapse of a failed business, Christian and Nate decided to take matters into their own hands and began the process of pursuing financial freedom by paying off more than $270,000 of debt. After their successful debt-free journey, they realized they never wanted to be bound by the burden of financial stress again. They also each deeply desired to travel while spending more time with their children. 


After a weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina in a borrowed Minnie Winnie, Christian and Nate felt the pull of the road. They answered that sweet siren call in April of 2017 when they launched their journey as a full-time RV family. 


In an effort to bring hope to other families that felt trapped in their lives, they launched their YouTube channel, Project Trek. Christian and Nate both work from home as video content creators. They love creating videos for their YouTube channel, where they share their unique lifestyle with the world, plus all the mishaps along the way. Their videos cover everything from how to boondock in the best locations to new places to visit in your RV. They produce high-quality videos that are published onto various social channels where they educate their audience about trip planning, RV living, destination highlights, and products that align with the needs of their community.


Andersen's Fave National Park

Coming Soon. 

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Ella's Fave
National Park

Coming Soon.

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Nate + Chris



Nate can hum ANY song, but he doesn't know one word of the song. With the uncanny ability to completely mute dialogue, we can't guarantee you lyrically interesting tunes but LOTS of SICK BEATS! 


Christian doesn't know what she likes so there's no genre guarantees--but she CAN guarantee a mood--and she has the old emo photos to prove it! If you like folk music & old school rap, you belong here.

Playlists for your next roadtrip

Nate + Chris
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